Media House for production was established in 2008. The company succeeded to become a pioneer name in the Media world, in a few years, the company has contributed with elegant production of drama, talk shows, documentaries, video clips, as well as advertising films, accomplished by a distinguished experienced team in media world production.
Our Mission is to help companies communicate their strengths and values with creativity, clarity and honesty.
We discover your brand’s strength; take challenges for you creating success for your valuable brand.


Media House Company provides its services with remarkable experience in producing, executions of programs, filming, editing colors correction &graphic, in addition to all production and post-production services. Media House distribute all drama productions, documentaries, foreign programs, Turkish, Indian, Korean, Japanese and Mexican and others in to all Arab countries and especially the Gulf region.


Sameh Magdy


He provided new and impressive technics in media production. Worked as editor, director and a producer for Egyptian, Lebanese and Gulf Channels As well as some Elite Broadcasting Groups and Networks.

Nahla Zidan

GM – Executive Producer

Eng. Nahla, one of the powerful & leading names in media production, in just a few years, she was able to produce many distinctive programs with rich content, an impressive picture for many (Satellite Channels). She was an editor in chief (for) Dream network, as well as an executive producer at Media House, with distinguished expertise as an editor, director, and exceptional producer.